Natural painkillers

There are many types of painkillers and alternative medicine today. With so many false promises being made and many so-called natural painkillers not working people are giving up hope. For example, many people have tried CBD oil for pain, but this did not prove to help. Similarly, there are numerous herbs and supplements that can supposedly reduce severe pain symptoms. From our experience, these remedies do not help, however, there is a natural painkiller that was used centuries ago in ancient China. 

THC oil/weed oil

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, the substance that makes you high/stoned. You can also get stoned from these drops at a certain amount, which varies from person to person. At lower doses, you don’t get stoned but it already has an effect.

Willeke suffered from chronic pain and many other health problems for years.

Here Gerard tells his story, cannabis oil with THC after osteoarthritis and hernia.

Margreet talks about her experience with THC oil after a transverse reading and spasms.

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