Marijuana oil is oil extracted from cannabis plants/cannabis. This oil contains THC, the active ingredient in cannabis that can get you high/stoned. THC also has many medicinal uses. THC oil is just another name for cannabis oil and therefore the same thing.

CBD and CBN oil comes from hemp and not cannabis/cannabis. Hemp is a plant that contains no THC and can simply be grown anywhere, so hemp is not weed. You can’t get stoned/high from CBD and CBN oil either.

No, cannabis oil is not addictive and you can quit without withdrawal symptoms. When smoking cannabis, addiction does occur. You can, however, become psychologically addicted to the feeling if you are susceptible to it. At low doses, you will not feel much, nor is there any real chance of psychological addiction.

In a 10ml bottle there are close to 300 drops, an average dose is 4 drops at a time. So you can take a dose about 75 times. One dose works for an average of 4 hours. Thus, if you take it only before sleeping, you can do on average 2 and a half months with 1 bottle of 10%.

If you have used THC oil it is forbidden to drive, with CBD and CBN oil you can drive.

Using cannabis oil is not dangerous, if you suffer from panic or anxiety it is advisable to start with very small doses. It is also a good idea to use CBD or CBN oil first. For psychosis-prone people, cannabis oil is less suitable, CBD and CBN oil is better for this group of people.

CBD and CBN oil have no side effects at all, THC oil can sometimes have side effects. The following side effects may occur: dry mouth, red eyes, being stoned or high, being tired and having a food kick. Some people may also become anxious when given too much; this goes away on its own after half a day.

Weed oil with THC is not legal, HHC is legal!

CBD and CBN oil are suitable for children, because THC is psychoactive you may want to discuss with your doctor if it is suitable for your child.

No, during pregnancy and lactation it is better not to take any oil.

Full spectrum means that the entire spectrum of substances from the plant is present. Thus, other good compounds from the plant are also in the oil.

THC oil is ready for use only after heating, however, our HHC oil is ready for use right away. All types of oil we offer are ready to use.

For people without experience we recommend starting with the 10%, if you use it only to sleep 10% is also enough for people who have been using it for some time. Should you want stronger then the stronger percentages are also suitable.

THC oil is suitable for sleeping better, it is the ideal product for that. Most people have enough with 3 to 5 drops of the 10% THC. It is best to drip it under your tongue 1.5 hours before sleeping and swallow it after 1 minute.

When blowing you damage your lungs unnecessarily, cannabis oil is naturally absorbed with nutrients in the gastrointestinal system. Burning marijuana releases a lot of harmful and carcinogenic substances; cannabis oil does not. Furthermore, cannabis oil works much longer than a joint and you can also take a fixed dose. The feeling of cannabis oil is also different from smoking cannabis, this is hard to explain. Furthermore, taking cannabis oil is medicine and blowing is not.

The THC oil is made from the best quality haze cannabis buds. Through distillation, the THC oil is obtained. These are 100% organic and clean. The CBD and CBN oil is made from the best quality hemp plants.

Marijuana oil cannot be pure because the pure extract from the plant is a paste. To make oil from this, it is diluted with hemp seed oil, this makes it dripable and not much too strong anymore. There are only pure and clean ingredients in the oil though, no bad substances.

You will receive it in a discreet unrecognizable envelope. We do this to protect people’s privacy.

Collection is not possible, all orders will be shipped within 24 hours in a mailbox package. You don’t have to be home for this, it fits in the mailbox.

It is best to start with 2 drops and wait for 2 hours. If this is not enough, you can take one drop every hour up to a maximum of 4 the first day. The next day you can start with 3 drops and wait for 2 hours. And another day later you can start with 4 drops and wait for 2 hours. This allows you to slowly determine your own proper dosage. For most people, 3 to 4 drops will do some people take up to +10 drops. For the stronger percentages 20% and above, you can start with 1 drop

Each person has a different sensitivity to THC, it cannot be that you will continue to feel nothing. You will just have to slowly increase you dose until you achieve the desired effect.

If you have taken too much stay calm,THC is not dangerous and everything will be totally fine once it wears off. This can sometimes last up to 8 hours in sensitive people, but it is usually much better after 4 hours. Sit or lie down quietly and have a drink with sugar and try to eat something. If you have CBD oil you can take it, it reduces the effects of THC.

If you have heart problems, blood pressure problems, are psychosis prone or are taking medications for you psyche such as antidepressants you should first discuss with your doctor that you want to start using cannabis oil with THC. THC can have a different effect on you that can negatively affect your well-being.

Yes you can use cannabis oil along with medications, if in doubt please consult your doctor.

Side effects are not common, usually only when the dose is too high:

  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness and drowsiness
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Forgetfulness

These side effects may disappear after a few hours or within a day.

According to KWW, it is certainly quite possible to undergo your cancer treatment and use cannabis oil. Many people in the Netherlands and abroad already do this and there is no problem with this. THC and CBD oil in combination can help you eat and sleep better.

Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years, for example, there is evidence that it was widely used as medicine in China. Cannabis was used for many complaints and diseases, just as it is today. In recent years, the use of cannabis oil does increase rapidly, this is because cannabis oil is becoming better known.

The main difference between THC and CBD is that THC does allow you to get stoned/high at a certain amount and with CBD and CBN this is never possible. THC works from day one, and CBD and CBN oil usually require several days to 2 weeks of daily use to work properly.

The medicinal effects of cannabis have been scientifically proven and known for thousands of years. According to the Dutch government, this is also proven and you can see a picture here from the Ministry of public health welfare and sport.

Due to strict European legislation, we cannot make any claims or statements about this, you can read more about cannabis oil in this article.


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