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Do you have certain complaints? Then buying 10ml of THC oil is possibly a solution. More info below.

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Buy THC oil / buy cannabis oil

More info on this and the positive experiences read Mediwietsite, the #1 medicinal cannabis website.


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Buying THC Oil / Buying cannabis oil

On our webshop you can buy THC oil, buy cannabis oil and also buy pure THC oil. Pay easily with internet banking!

Do you have certain complaints? Want to finally do something about it that really works fast? Then THC oil/weed oil is right for you.

What to buy THC oil / buy cannabis oil for?

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, the substance that makes you high/stoned. You can also get stoned from these drops at a certain amount, which varies from person to person. At lower doses, you don’t get stoned but it already has a good medicinal effect. A lot of people use it to sleep better, against pain or to quit blowing.

People are becoming more aware of the healing properties of THC oil. We are not allowed to make health claims about cannabis oil, so we do not claim or assert anything ourselves. We can share info with you though that is on the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport website;

There is sufficient scientific data available, according to the Ministry of Health and Sports, to show that medicinal cannabis is effective in:

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Chronic pain, Cancer and AIDS (for inducing appetite and reducing pain, nausea and weight loss), Tourette’s Syndrome, Glaucoma, Morbus Crohn, Ulcerative Colitis, Epilepsy, Itching, Migraines, Rheumatism, ADHD, PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease.

Buy THC oil


Usage instructions cannabis oil

You can drip it under your tongue and swallow after 1 minute, it is also possible to drip it into food or drink. Start with 1 or 2 drops, the full effect works after 2 hours. If 2 drops is not enough you can take 1 drop more each intake time until you find the right dosage. Keep at least 3 hours between each intake time. So an example:

At 10:00am take 2 drops at a time, but don’t feel sufficient effect after several hours?

Then from 13:00 you can take 3 drops at a time, if after several hours you still don’t feel enough

Then you can take 4 drops at a time starting at 4 p.m., this way you can increase the dosage every intake moment until you find the perfect number of drops. It is important to find your maximum dosage, only then will the oil work optimally. It is impossible that it will have no effect, which means that you should continue to increase according to the advice.

The dosage varies a lot from person to person and has to do with genetic sensitivity, weight, experience and the severity of your symptoms. For example, some people take 2 drops and sometimes as many as 12 drops at a time, do not be afraid to increase the dosage according to the advice. A 10 ml bottle contains +/-280 drops

On mediwietsite you can read more about us and also find more info on cannabis oil.

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5ml BASIC, 5ml MEDIUM, 5ml STRONG, 5ml EXTRA STRONG, 5ml EXTREMELY STRONG, 5ml 1:1, 5ml PUUR, 10ml BASIC, 10ml MEDIUM (8% HHC), 10ml STRONG (12% HHC), 10ml EXTRA STRONG (16% HHC), 10ml EXTREMELY STRONG (25% HHC), 10ml 1:1 (50% HHC), 10ml PUUR HHC, 5ml 1:1, 5ml extra strong


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