RSO is made from cannabis plants using a consumer alcohol extraction. RSO is not diluted with any carrier oil. A full course of treatment is 60ml over 90 days.

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Many are eager to buy an RSO cure for various reasons.

Here you can see the scientist who discovered that THC affects cells.

Here you can see how that works.

In the Netherlands, more and more people are becoming aware of the pure cannabis oil called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

Here you can see videos about cannabis oil.


What is an RSO cure

RSO stands for “Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson is a man from Canada who tried cannabis in 1997 for pain after an industrial accident. This is his experience; we ourselves make no medical claims. The positive results led him to delve more deeply into medicinal cannabis.

After this, Simpson treated more than 5,000 people. In doing so, he had a 70 percent success rate in patients who took 60 grams of his oil over 90 days.

RSO is made from cannabis plants by alcohol extraction. All the alcohol is evaporated and what remains is a pure extract with a very high THC percentage. RSO is not diluted with a carrier oil, this is the case with most cannabis oils.

However, making pure cannabis extracts is much older; in ancient China, they used medicinal cannabis thousands of years ago. But thanks to the efforts of Rick Simpson, the recipe is now associated with his name.

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How to use the RSO

We now know what RSO is a pure extract from cannabis plants. The RSO cure typically lasts 90 days and can be done as an alternative or supportive treatment.

During this regimen, the goal is to take 60 grams of RSO over 90 days. The dosage is built up slowly to get used to the high dosage. After building up, the daily dosage is 1 gram per day.

Week 1: Start with three doses every day

Each dose should be about half of a grain of rice. Take a dose every 8 hours. One in the morning, afternoon and before bed. You may also choose to take all 3 doses late in the evening due to an active life during the day. Each dose is best left under your tongue for 1 minute and then swallowed.

Week 2 through 5: Double the dose every 4 days

Most people need about 4 weeks to reach the full dosage of one gram of RSO per day. After 4 weeks, your tolerance to THC is built up enough.

Week 5 through 12: Take one gram of RSO daily

After this build-up period, the patient takes +/-9 rice grain-sized drops (0.33g RSO) every 8 hours. This totals about one gram a day; you keep doing this until you run out of 60 grams. You may also choose to take all 3 doses late in the evening due to an active life during the day.

Side effects and concerns

One of the side effects is drowsiness; this is a natural part of the healing process. People can also get stoned, this also increases appetite and can be put to good use. After 4 weeks, drowsiness is usually over due to accumulated tolerance. The product is pure nature and otherwise usually has no side effects.

Many people want to continue taking cannabis oil after the RSO cure. A good maintenance dose then is to dilute the RSO 1-to-1 with olive oil and then take +/-10 drops per day under your tongue. With the RSO cure, you also get 2 empty pipette bottles for this for free.

Dutch weed grown indoors with artificial nutrients and artificial light is less suitable. Dutch cannabis oil, while good for pain or sleep problems, does not have the same healing effects as Moroccan pure nature plants.


The plants are dried and after this the active substances are extracted. The extraction of the RSO is done by consumption alcohol. After this, the alcohol is evaporated and pure RSO oil remains.

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10ml pure HHC distillate, 60ml of pure HHC distillate


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