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HHC oil 10ml.

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Buy HHC oil

Buy HHC oil the legal THC oil!
Within the medical community, more and more research is currently being done on cannabis oil/ THC oil. In particular, it looks at what symptoms can be reduced thanks to the use of these cannabinoids. One of the most promising types of cannabinoid today is HHC oil. Because there is still a lot of confusion surrounding buying HHC oil, we have listed the most important information.

What is HHC – new type of cannabinoid

This is a substance capable of binding to a cannabinoid receptor. HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. True, HHC is very similar to THC and the effects are also similar, however, HHC is milder when it comes to the psychoactive effect. Buying HHC oil is also much easier than THC.

What can HHC do for the user?

User experiences have shown that HHC is psychoactive, only it is not as strong as THC. Furthermore, the desired effects are often the same. Except that HHC oil has far fewer side effects. In addition, HHC often appears to work for the same symptoms as THC. This is because HHC is molecularly very similar to THC and it also binds to the same receptors.

Buy HHC oil

Buy HHC oil

Why HHC oil is better for many than THC oil or CBD
Some people don’t like to be stoned, just want to get rid of certain symptoms. For this group, HHC is ideal! You can’t get stoned from CBD at all regardless of the dosage, just that CBD often doesn’t work well enough for certain audiences and HHC oil often turns out to work. Although you can get stoned at too high doses of HHC it does not happen quickly. In addition, it is almost never as strong as THC. Therefore, buying HHC oil is better for this group and it is also freely available.

HHC oil is 100% legal in the Netherlands and THC is illegal

A big advantage of HHC oil compared to THC oil is that it is 100% legal and thus produced by legal companies! This means you don’t have to worry about pesticide or contaminated oil as can be the case with THC oil. In fact, THC is often produced illegally and this means you can never be sure it is clean. Furthermore, it can be confiscated and some people also don’t like to possess something that is not actually allowed.

HHC oil is also useful if you travel often. In fact, it is completely legal in most countries while THC is not! If you want to order THC oil through the legal way, it could only be through a doctor and then you can obtain THC oil in the pharmacy by prescription. THC oil is not covered by health insurance and is unfortunately very expensive in pharmacies. You can buy HHC oil simply at Mediolie.

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HHC medium 8%, HHC strong 12%, HHC extra strong 16%, HHC extremely strong 25%, HHC 1op1 50%, HHC pure distillate, —FREE BOTTLE—.


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