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CBD has a positive effect on many complaints. You cannot possibly get high or stoned from CBD oil, and its use has no side effects.


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Do you suffer certain symptoms and would like to buy CBD oil? Want a natural remedy that helps well with no side effects and no chance of addiction? Then CBD oil is right for you. It is impossible to get high or stoned from CBD oil, and there are no downsides to its use. CBD also has a positive effect on general health. CBD can provide relief for many diseases and complaints.

Instructions for use CBD oil

It comes in a pipette bottle and you can easily drip a few drops under your tongue or in your food/drink. The full effect is in effect after 2 hours.

The recommendation is to take 3 times a day and start with 3 drops at a time. (9 drops for the first day) and every 2 days possibly increase the dose by 2 drops at a time until the desired result is achieved. Taking too much CBD oil is actually impossible, and overdose is not possible. So don’t be afraid to gradually increase the dose until you get the desired results. A build-up period of up to 2 weeks is often required during which the dosage is gradually increased. Some people take 3 drops at a time and some as many as 12, this has to do with genetic sensitivity, experience, weight and your symptoms. A 10 ml bottle contains +/-280 drops. You can buy CBD oil from us and have it at home within 1 to 3 business days.

The cbd oil is diluted with MCT oil. We have different strengths and we recommend starting with the 10 or 20%. You can buy CBD oil in many places these days, but real quality is needed for it to work properly. We have more than 10 years of experience with cannabis.

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strength and quantity

5 ml 5%, 5ml 10%, 5ml 20%, 5ml 30%, 5ml 1:1, 5ml Pure, 10ml 5%, 10ml 10%, 10ml 20%, 10ml 30%, 10ml 1:1, 10ml Pure


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